Thank you for being interested enough in me to dig into my own little corner of the internet. This is my own personal site and as such reflects my own thoughts, ideas, and learning path. I am passionate about efficiency, leadership, and building great things.

I am currently a “System Operations Manager”, which is shorthand for “I build things.” I currently build things for a security and cyber intelligence team. It is fun and ever changing, and like the people I closely work with, which is all I can really ask for in a work environment. I have managed many people in my career, but I still find it difficult to do it well.

This is my vanity website, this is not a blog. I have tried to get into the habit of writing more, but I rarely make the time. I like to meet interesting people though I am very much an introvert. If you are interested in my leadership or management, I would start with my Manager README. Shout out to Rand’s Leadership Slack for the idea. Next you can check out my library, I believe that you can get to know alot about a person by the books they keep. After that, you have my various social media that I neglect on a regular basis. If you still want to learn more, then I suggest dropping me a line.