I have always loved books. The feel, the ideal, the smell. I am a minor bibliophile who buys and trades books. My philosophy on books are pretty simple:

  1. Never lend a book. If you lend a book to somebody, just expect you will never get it back. #SaveAFriendship
  2. A library is not a collection of books you have read, but a collection of knowledge you want. Either for reference, or for life goals, a library is never a trophy room.

Unfortunately due to my schedule (I hate to word busy), I rarely have down time to sit down and read. Audiobooks are my only recourse while I am doing mindless work like driving. I maintain a book wishlist and you can follow what I am reading.

My philosophy on Reading Books

Books are part and parcel for an educated mind, regardless if it is self-directed, or formed by external factors (e.g., English Lit). I mostly read non-fiction just because there is a lot that I still want to learn. But reading fiction is just as important, as it has driven the human conversation for generations. Fiction has played just as big a role, if not bigger, in the evolution of human cultures through references to Romeo and Juliette, or to Machiavelli, or Sinclair’s The Jungle. I believe those people that forsake fiction for non-fiction are missing a huge chunk of knowledge that is just as vital.

With that said, my strategy for choosing a book is very interesting:

  1. Does it intrigue me in some way.
  2. Is it something I wish to learn.
  3. See #1.
  4. If you have any good book recommendations, tweet me @jasimmonsv, and check out my library.